As a veterinary practice that’s been in the industry for over 40 years, A Country Practice offers much more than vet services to pets. Our dedicated team can assist in the prevention and treatment of parasites that can infect your flock of sheep. We understand that the health of your livestock is of paramount importance to you and has a direct impact on your livelihood as a farmer. Our veterinary services can help you safeguard your livestock, prevent production losses and assist you in breeding animals that are fit for the Australian environment.

Located in Northam and Moora, WA, our team of veterinarians care deeply about the animals they treat and will stop at nothing to provide you with the best and most caring service possible.


What Can We Do for You?

We offer treatment of livestock,  including worm egg counts, drench resistance testing, and nutritional advice.

Additionally, we can also offer preventative services and treatment for:


Barber Pole Worm in Sheep – This is, unfortunately, a particularly common affliction in Western Australia. Female Barber Pole Worms will lay their eggs in the pasture, and when the weather is suitable, larvae will hatch and then be eaten by the sheep. Once in the sheep’s gut, the larvae will develop, and infestation begins. The worms will also then be passed on to other sheep through faeces. Adult worms within the sheep’s body will suck blood from the sheep’s gut, giving rise to anaemia and oedema, and can eventually lead to death if not treated. However, there are prevention and treatment options available for you at our clinics.


Itch Mite in Sheep – These tiny mites are impossible to see without magnification live on the surface of a sheep’s skin and cause affected sheep to rub and chew at their fleece, which, in turn, affects its quality and impacts on its sale value. The mites can be spread from ewe to lamb and are also transferred between shorn sheep. Something worth noting when it comes to the itch mite is that fine-wool merinos and sheep that are being poorly fed are more susceptible to them. While there is currently no method of eradication available for itch mites, drenches are highly effective at treating afflicted sheep.


Scour Worms – The Scour Worm is the most common parasitic worm that affects Australian sheep. They can cause a host of problems in your flock including anaemia, weakness, a reduction in the growth rate of lambs, a decrease in milk production from ewes, lower quality wool, and poor-quality carcasses to name a few. For these reasons, scour worms can have a significant impact on profitability, and can even cause the death of afflicted sheep.


Myiasis – Also known as Flystrike, we can offer treatment for this condition in sheep. Treatment and preventions are available.


• Sheep Lice – Contrary to popular belief, sheep lice do not suck a sheep’ blood or feed on its wool fibres. However, they do feed on dry, dead skin and secretions. Sheep lice cause the sheep’s skin to itch, which leads them to bite scratch and chew on the affected areas, which in turn affects the quality of the wool they produce. Luckily, sheep lice are easily dealt with by using a dip.


Need Assistance?

A Country Practice can help with diagnosis, treatment, and management of all livestock problems. Our vets are specialists in their chosen field and care as much about your livestock as they do about the profitability of your farm.

For more information on the treatments we offer for sheep and other livestock, please feel free to contact us today at either our Northam or Moora clinic.