Grooming & Dental Care for Pets in WA


A Country Practice is a mixed animal veterinary clinic that provides expert pet medical services in Northam and Moora. We also have facilities that offer pet dental care and grooming too. Traditionally, if you wanted your dog or cat groomed you’d have to take them to a grooming parlour in Western Australia. Many vet clinics, including A Country Practice, now boast cat and dog pampering services so that you don’t have to shop around to find a parlour with a good reputation. You know the quality of service A Country Practice provides, so you can rest assured that the same efficiency and care extend to our cat and dog grooming in WA.


Pet grooming services

A Country Practice has highly qualified and experienced staff to provide comprehensive pet grooming in Australia for small animals, regardless of breed and size. Short-haired dogs don’t have extensive grooming needs, but they need to be brushed at least once a week to keep their coats and skin healthy and they need to have their nails clipped regularly. Clipping nails is very important as long nails can be painful and can lead to long-term joint damage. Short nails are less likely to damage your furniture and won’t scratch you either. If you’re nervous about cutting your dog’s nails, make an appointment for a vet consultation and specify that you need grooming from our list of pet services.

Long-haired dogs have more complicated grooming needs which include;

  • Coat brushing
  • Coat stripping
  • Matted hair removed
  • Bathing
  • Coats and nails clipped

Some people opt for full dog pampering services and go with painted nails and bows in their dog’s hair. You don’t need to go this far and can stick to good old dog bathing and haircuts in WA.

Don’t forget that while cats are good at grooming themselves, they need help with things like matted fur, removing excess fur that can cause hairballs, and clipping their nails. Some cats to enjoy being groomed however most cats make a dash for it as soon as they see the brush or nail clippers. In this case, call us to use our pet grooming parlour in Western Australia at either our Northam or Moora practices.


Pet dental care

We offer canine dental hygiene as one of our pet medical services because removing plaque, tartar and polishing teeth usually requires an anaesthetic. Dog teeth cleaning serves a preventative function as it lessens the risk of periodontal disease which can cause mouth infections that need intensive antibiotic treatment.

Vets recommend that you use dog teeth cleaning methods at home. These include brushing (you can get a special finger brush if that is less threatening for your dog), toys and chews designed to keep teeth plaque-free and even raw bones.

You can also get answers to your most burning questions about pet dental care, including taking care of your cat’s teeth.