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If you’re looking for quality pet care products and accessories from a trusted source, pop into A Country Practice and take your pick of pet food, collars, leads, and parasite prevention, including some of the most trusted brands of flea and worming products in WA.

As a mixed animal veterinary practice, we provide routine and specialised pet services to small and large animals, including livestock. It makes sense for us to augment our medical services with pet care and accessories so that you can maintain your pet’s wellbeing with healthy food and treats, as well as collars and leads so you can manage your pet during walks and training.

We offer a plethora of pet-related products and it can be confusing to sort through what’s available and make an informed choice. A Country Practice has the knowledge and experience to advise you on the best pet supplies in Western Australia for your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding pet care and accessories or if you want to book a vet consultation for a routine check-up so you can get started on the road to good pet health.


Pet care basics

When getting a pet, you undertake to provide the best care you can afford. Basic pet care comprises of access to proper shelter, nutrition, and veterinary services. At the very least, your dog or cat should have somewhere dry and comfortable to rest and escape the heat of summer and the cold of winter. They should be adequately fed so they don’t go hungry and the food should meet basic pet nutrition standards. You’re also obligated to get medical treatment if your pet is injured or ill, and to prevent illness and injury as far as possible.

Comprehensive pet care requires a holistic approach that includes:

  • Grooming – keep it simple by brushing and bathing your pet regularly. Try to include nail clipping and tooth brushing. A Country Practice offers pet grooming and dental care to help keep your pets in good condition.
  • Exercise – dogs should be walked once a day to provide physical exercise and mental stimulation, which is important from a mood and behaviour point-of-view. In order to keep control of your dog both on and off your property, you should invest in a strong pet collar and lead, a safe harness and good training methods. Professional dog walkers can help you hit the once-a-day target. Contact us if you need help engaging a reputable walker.
  • Training – positive reinforcement and force-free training is recommended to teach your dog good manners and acceptable alternatives to inappropriate behaviour. Trick training is fun for both of you too.
  • Microchipping – microchipping makes it easier to trace pet owners if their dogs or cats go missing. Microchipping is part of our range of medical services, so contact us now to book an appointment.


Pet accessories

The pet accessories market is growing exponentially and is today more than just simple pet collars and leads or food bowls. There are now dozens of different accessory types to choose from including different harnesses with specific purposes, long leads and retractable ones and even collars embroidered with your dog’s name and your contact details. Slow feeders encourage dogs to eat more mindfully. Puzzle feeders require your pet to problem-solve to get dinner.

Some of these accessories are good for your pets physically and mentally and some do more harm than good. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find pet accessories that are safest for your dog.


Contact us to get expert advice on pet care and accessories available in Northam and Moora, WA.