Vet consultations and routine health examinations


Caring for any animal, whether it be a much-loved pet or a larger breed like horses, sheep and cattle, requires more than just waiting until they’re sick or there is an emergency to visit to the vet. It’s far wiser to embrace the safe-rather-than-sorry philosophy and maintain a schedule of general pet care consultations and annual pet vaccinations to ensure your animals’ health and wellbeing. At A Country Practice, we offer specialised animal health checks and vet consultations in WA.

Our founding veterinarians, Dr Peter Morrell, and Dr Virginia Pullman are experts in large animal and pet healthcare respectively. As a married couple, they have been providing the convenience of a mixed animal veterinary practice for over 40 years, so you can rest assured that your animals are in good hands for a variety of routine health examinations in WA. Our team of experienced veterinary nurses are also on hand to carry out general animal health checks – so contact us today for a range of services varying from vaccinations and dentistry to sterilisations and soft tissue surgery. The practice operates from two locations in Northam (our primary practice) and Moora, Western Australia.


Consultations, Health Examinations & More

Routine animal health checks and medical services obviously differ depending on the type of animal concerned. What is routine for a small pet is different from what a large animal requires. That’s the beauty of a mixe veterinary practice; you’re assured of expert health care no matter what size animal you have.

Visit our Pet Services page to see a list of treatment options available during vet check-ups in Western Australia. In addition to vaccinations and general pet care consultations, we offer pet grooming and cattery boarding services too. You can also purchase a range of pet-related products, including premium food, collars, and flea and worming products from our practices.

Our Large Animal Services page lists treatment options for horses, sheep and cattle. You can book vet consultations in WA for routine health examinations for any of these animals and can also get specific check-ups. For example, lameness examinations and teeth rasping for horses and pregnancy testing and disease and death investigation for livestock.

Finally, you can get expert advice on an assortment of pet care subjects. Not only is this helpful for first-time pet owners, it’s also a nice refresher for experienced pet owners who need to brush up on their puppy and kitten vaccination schedules, or who need information on a condition they’ve never encountered before, such heartworm or periodontal disease.

Choose us at A Country Practice as your comprehensive provider of small and large animal routine health examinations in WA. Contact us to book a consultation and ensure that your pet stays in optimum health today.