Surgeries & Wound Management


Pets could need surgery for a number of reasons like sterilisation, tumour removal, and even cruciate ligament repair. A Country Practice has the facilities, equipment and, more importantly, the expertise to carry out routine and advanced pet surgeries.

Pet surgeries are carried out by Dr Virginia Pullman, an accomplished veterinary surgeon in WA with 40 years of experience in sterilisations and soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery.

Our advanced pet medical services in WA also include in-house pathology testing and digital radiography (digital x-rays). You benefit from the convenience and financial savings, as you don’t have to go to different veterinary practices for consultations and examinations, testing, specialist diagnosis, and treatment. You also save valuable time if your pet is injured in an accident, poisoned, or has some other medical emergency that requires immediate surgery or wound management to ensure healthy healing, without risk of primary or secondary infection.

Contact us at our veterinary practices in Northam and Moora to book a consultation and find out more about our pet surgeries in WA.



Sterilising your pet is highly recommended. Over-population is an issue, but there are other reasons to sterilise your pet that are much closer to home. Sterilisations have health benefits too. Sterilised females are less likely to develop breast cancer than unsterilised females and are less likely to get pyometra (uterus infection). Male sterilisations reduce the likelihood of testicular and perianal tumours and prostate disease. Sterilised males fight less, are calmer and tend to stay at home instead of roaming away from home.

According to the Australian Veterinary Association, veterinary surgeons recommend sterilisation at six months old. However, shelters often carry out sterilisations on animals as young as eight weeks old. Some behavioural and physical development studies suggest that waiting until dogs are at least 12 months old before being sterilised is the most beneficial. Book a consultation and talk to your veterinarian before making an informed decision.


Soft tissue & orthopaedic surgery

Many vet practices carry out simple pet surgeries, such as small tumour removal and tissue biopsies. It takes special skill and equipment to carry out more advanced soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery. Dr Pullman is extensively qualified in small animal medicine and surgery, so your pet is in safe hands if they have a traumatic injury or degenerative condition that requires surgical treatment.

Call us to make an appointment with Dr Pullman and to discuss soft tissue surgery options, including reconstructive surgery, hernia repair, and the removal of benign and malignant tumours.


Veterinary wound management

Preventing wound infection in animals is vital to post-surgery and injury recovery. Effective wound management ensures that pets heal quickly without too much pain and discomfort. Our team is fully qualified to provide excellent wound management and infection prevention, from cleaning wounds and creating a healing environment to selecting dressings based on the type and condition of the wound.


Pathology testing and digital radiography

A Country Practice provides pathology testing and digital radiography services which means we can quickly biopsy tissue removed during surgery to get an accurate diagnosis. Testing includes haematology, cytology, and urinalysis.

We use digital radiography to enhance our diagnostic services too. The result is clearer x-ray imaging that’s immediately available. It’s also possible to reshoot images and get multiple shots quickly without a laborious set-up.


Contact us to find out more about the veterinary surgery options available at our locations in Northam and Moora, WA. Book a consultation and discuss your pet’s diagnosis and treatment programme with one of the most highly qualified and experienced veterinary surgeons in Western Australia.