Animal Care & Veterinary Services


Your beloved pet deserves the proper care and treatment necessary to maintain good general health and overcome serious illness, chronic conditions, and injury. A Country Practice provides small animal care and veterinary services in WA, as well as a range of complementary services designed to take comprehensive care of your pet’s needs. Dr Virginia Pullman, co-founder of A Country Practice, has over 30 years’ experience in small animal medicine and surgery. Dr Pullman is ably supported by a team of vet nurses who assist in routine health examinations, surgeries and wound management. We operate two animal hospitals in Western Australia at Northam and Moora. General vet consultations and specialised pet medical services can be arranged by appointment. Please visit our Contact Us page to get the details of each practice, including telephone numbers, operating hours, and directions.

In addition to our general veterinary services, you can also choose from our non-medical-related services. These include microchipping, pet grooming, cat boarding, and pet care accessories for sale. They are available at both A Country Practice (Northam) and Moora Veterinary Services. Both animal clinics offer comprehensive testing and diagnostic procedures, including pathology testing and digital radiography. This is convenient for pet owners because most aspects of complete medical treatment are under one roof. Our Pet Advice page answers your questions regarding basic pet care. Alternatively, make an appointment to discuss more complicated health matters.


Our pet services include:

  • Routine health examinations and vet consultations

Routine health examinations maintain pets’ wellbeing. Annual check-ups are recommended. Older pets should go more often to manage age-related conditions. Vet consultations cover specific illnesses and injuries. Consultations are by appointment only. If you have an emergency, call to make an appointment immediately.

  • Vaccinations and microchipping

Core vaccinations provide immunity against dangerous diseases. Non-core vaccines depend on localised health risks in the Perth, Northam, and Moora region of Western Australia. Microchipping pets is mandatory. Get your pet microchipped and registered so that you can be easily traced if they are found after going missing.

  • Heartworm prevention

Heartworms are parasites that live in pets’ heart and lungs. They develop slowly so symptoms only appear when the damage is significant. Treatment is possible, but it can be a complicated process. It’s much easier to prevent heartworm. Chat to our veterinary staff to find out how.

  • Pathology testing and digital radiography

Pathology testing is done in-house or at an accredited Veterinary Laboratory in Perth, ensuring continuity of treatment and saving time. We have the advanced equipment and expertise needed to accurately test samples and determine a diagnosis. This includes digital radiography, which provides high-resolution x-ray images to help detect early signs of illness.

  • Dentistry

Dental care is an often overlooked aspect of pet health. Regular brushing, cleaning, and polishing prevent periodontal disease that can lead to secondary infections. You can brush your pet’s teeth at home, or you can book a dental care consultation that includes all aspects of oral health care.

  • Sterilisations and soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery

Sterilisation can lower the risk of ovarian and testicular cancer. The age at which sterilisation occurs is important. Book an appointment to discuss which age is best for your pet’s breed. Both of our animal hospitals in WA carry out soft tissue and orthopaedic surgical procedures. Expert pet care includes wound management to facilitate healing.

  • Pet grooming and hydrobathing

Our pet grooming services include bathing, brushing, and clipping coat and nails. Both clinics provide pet grooming services. Hydrobathing is available at A Country Practice in Northam. Hydrobathing uses a uniquely designed showerhead that optimises water use and has a massage effect that is beneficial to pets with joint conditions.

  • Cat boarding

Cat boarding is a useful pet care service for pet owners who don’t use pet sitters. Cats may also prefer boarding during upheaval in the household, for example, moving house or renovations. We offer luxury cat boarding facilities at both A Country Practice and Moora Veterinary Service.

  • Pet care products and accessories for sale

You can get a variety of pet care products and accessories from our animal clinics. Some products, such as tick and flea and worming treatments, complement our pet medical services. You can also buy premium pet food for optimum nutrition, and accessories that include collars leads and food bowls.

For comprehensive and convenient general and veterinary services, Contact A Country Practice, a leading animal hospital in Western Australia. Call (08) 9622 7479 to book a vet consultation at our clinic in Northam, or call (08) 9651 1420 for an appointment at Moora Veterinary Services.