Veterinary Services for Horses, Sheep and Cattle


Veterinary Services for Farm Animals

A Country Practice provides veterinary services for farm animals, from general health examinations to disease and death investigation. Dr Peter Morrell, co-founder of the practice, is our large animal veterinary expert. A staff of registered veterinary nurses provide essential support in livestock consultancy, including parasite control and nutritional advice. Farmers in Western Australia have the choice of two large animal practices; one in Northam (A Country Practice) and one in Moora (Moora Veterinary Services). Both practices provide a comprehensive range of services that extends beyond medical care to include pathology testing and advice on improving production capabilities. State-of-the-art equipment enables greater accuracy in our diagnostic services. Contact us to book an appointment for either our horse or sheep and cattle veterinary services. Call (08) 9622 7479 for a consultation at Northam, or call (08) 9651 1420 for an appointment at Moora Veterinary Services.


Veterinary services for horses

Horse owners in the Perth, Northam, and Moora region of Western Australia can rest assured in the quality of the veterinary treatment available, thanks to our staff’s experience and dedication to compassionate care.


Horse medical services include:

  • General health examinations – Regular general health examinations maintain your horses’ wellbeing and help detect health issues early.
  • Lameness examinations – Lameness examinations determine if and where lameness occurs, as well as the extent of the condition. Treatment might include medication, cold compression, reduced exercise, and weight management.
  • Stomach tubing – Stomach tubing is routinely carried out to eliminate sand from the gut as well as for treating colic.
  • Teeth rasping – Teeth rasping is important in equine dental care. Rasping smoothes sharp edges that develop naturally on horses’ teeth over time.
  • Microchipping and identification – Microchipping is an easy, painless way to identify missing horses after they have been located. Other identifiers include freeze branding, hoof branding, blood type, and DNA. Contact us to book microchipping and identification services for horses.
  • Castration – Castration is always recommended for non-breeding male horses.
  • Wound management – Our experienced veterinarians are trained in proper wound management to ensure that injuries and surgical incisions heal quickly.


Veterinary services for sheep and cattle

Sheep and cattle veterinary services are part of A Country Practice’s large animal health care division. Dr Morrell has worked extensively with cattle throughout Northern and Western Australia.


Livestock veterinary services include:

  • Disease and death investigation – Disease and death investigators look into likely causes and containment strategies for sudden deaths to prevent the spread to other farms in the region. As a former District Veterinary Officer (DVO), Dr Morrell is familiar with the proper disease and death investigation procedures.
  • Parasite control – Controlling and preventing the spread of parasites is important in veterinary services for farm animals. Contact us for information on parasite control, worm egg counts and resistance testing in your area.
  • Cattle pregnancy testing – Cattle pregnancy testing enables livestock farmers to accurately plan a calving schedule and identify infertility problems that could affect their entire breeding programme.
  • Improving production capabilities – Call our veterinary practices in Northam and Moora and schedule an appointment to learn how best to optimise your livestock production capabilities.
  • Fertility investigations – Fertility investigations help farmers identify and rectify possible fertility problems and devise breeding programmes to increase fecundity.
  • Nutritional advice – Good nutrition is essential to your success as a livestock farmer. Consult our veterinary staff for advice on optimal feeding and supplement use.

Our livestock consultancy plays an important role in large animal veterinary services in Western Australia, especially in the Perth, Northam, and Moora areas. Call A Country Practice (Northam) on (08) 9622 7479, or Moora Veterinary Services on (08) 9651 1420 for specialised horse, sheep, and cattle medical care, and advice to maximise your resources to improve livestock health and production. See our Contact Us page for operating hours.